“I have always dreamt of starting a business related to children and teens. Coaching the next generation leaders with the right social etiquette and confidence levels top my list of business ideas. As I browsed through the web for related information, I chanced upon Image Flair, which provides a very comprehensive Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach Train-the-Trainer program.

Without hesitation, I enrolled into the program. Eunice, who is the founder of Image Flair and the trainer in the program, provides me with a lot of knowledge and practical examples. She is very patient throughput the program and clarifies all my doubts and queries. Throughout the 5 days training, I feel great everyday as I have learnt and picked up new knowledge and skillsets on social etiquette as well as how to go about  starting a business. Eunice is very encouraging and generous in sharing her experiences and I have learnt a lot from her. The training materials are very structured and I am very confident to kick start in my new business now.

I would definitely recommend this Train-the-Trainer program to others who are passionate in teaching children etiquette.”

Krystal Tan, Singapore Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2014

Dear Eunice, 

“I’m always very interested about knowing children more and knowing the correct ways n techniques to educate children. Therefore one day, I search tru the web n there I found your  website. Yourtraining layout n materials are very comprehensive . Getting trained personally by you in a 5 days face to face children character, confidence, n courtesy coach has been a tremendous experience. This has made me very confident in running my own etiqutte school in future. 

Your professionalism, experience n knowledge were great inspiration n motivation for me. The training was so engaging that my immediate goal is to put all my knowledge into practice with children n adolescents.

I ‘ll definitely take up the master certified image professional program with image flair again in near future.

I will highly recommend you and  image flair to any company, high profile individual, or any organization seeking education n training in all areas of social n business etiqutte for children n adults. Thank you.”

Elaine Kwan of Malacca, Malaysia Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2014

“While I was looking for techniques for raising a confident, happy and cooperative child, I was drawn to the 5 Days Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Train-The-Trainer program offered by Image Flair.

 The Curriculum is very comprehensive and I am amazed with the very informative knowledge I gained.

I am confident now to kick start my business teaching children social graces.

I wish to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Eunice for the sessions with joy and passion. I can feel her sincerity whereby she share lots of her expertise and experiences.

I would highly recommend those who have passion coaching children towards building up civility to take up this program with Image Flair.

Thank you and have a good weekends ahead.

Karyne Tan, Singapore Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2013

Thank you so much for a great 5 day Face-to-Face Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach@ Train the trainer programme. Thanks to you, I am now a fully fledge Coach which I truly enjoyed myself a lot and the materials are very comprehensive.

Thank you also for sharing your knowledge and experiences . You made me feel very comfortable.

Thank you once again and wish the very best for you always.

Your happy and grateful student.

Angela Diaz, Singapore Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2013

“Eunice is a patient and encouraging instructor, who has helped to guide me through the basics and challenges of etiquette training business. This is especially important for someone, like me who has no experience in setting up a business. The 5 days training has been comprehensive and enriching. Thanks Eunice.”

Hui-Ching Tan, Singapore Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2013

“Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette matches the criteria of the course which I had been searching for ‘Train the Trainer in Children’s Character, Courtesy & Confidence Coach’.

This 5 days train the trainer had gone beyond my expectation and I am very impress on the teaching material they had provided me. This training is very useful as Eunice not only train me on the Children Etiquette but had gone the extra mile to assist me on how to jump start my business.

As this is a specialise program in Children Etiquette and with its affiliation with International Civility Trainers Consortium (ICTC) It makes me feel proud of my certification and the opportunity to affiliate with them.

I would highly recommend those who have the passion in coaching the Children Etiquette to take up the train the trainer with Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette”.

Stella Ang, Singapore Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2012


Thank you so much for your great support to BOSS JOUR launch! Your presentation on fashion and style linking perfectly with the fragrance and your personal entrepreneurship story is really impressive. You are an authentic living proof of crystal clear skin and uncompromising life. 

Look forward to working with you again in the future.

Olivella, SK-II Globaland P&G Prestige Asia PacificCommunications

“It was a pleasure working with you on the Business Etiquette Workshop. 

The initial feedback that i got from participants found the workshop beneficial and insightful.  The girls certainly appreciated you sharing your experiences and expertise in a lighthearted manner.

Please also convey my appreciation to Yvonne.  I think she’s done a good job sharing with the guys. =)”

Adrian Lin, Assistant Programme Officer | Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Ms Eunice Tan, founder member of Imageflair, comes across as a very accommodating, friendly and versatile trainer.

Eunice conducted a grooming workshop for teachers and support staff on Dress Sense in September 2009 for about 50 participants. She is observant and sizes up her audience (both teachers and support staff) very quickly in order to meet their needs. She is well-prepared and her ability to reach out to her audience. Eunice adds value to her lecture on Effective Image Presentation – Dress Sense – by involving her participants and offering tips on how to dress well for the appropriate occasion. Many participants stayed behind, well past the lecture to seek her out for additional information.

I am happy with Ms Eunice Tan’s workshop and would recommend Eunice to run the grooming classes in other institutions.”

Rosaline Chan, Course Co-ordinator for Well-being Workshops at Teachers Network

“I would like to express our thanks on behalf of my colleagues from Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore. We enjoyed ourselves through the 1 day journey with you to discover ourselves better. The course has a good coverage of the various components of the First Impression and this is something that is very important to all of us and close to the heart.

You have been a role model for all in terms of how you carry yourself. The role play, group discussion and activities conducted through the session allows all the participants to reflect and identify areas for improvement.

We will definitely introduce this course to our business associates and friends and we are a firm believer that the 1st impression makes the difference.

Last but not least, Thank You once again and keep in touch.”

Lynn Chan, Associate Director of Business Development, Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore

“Dear Eunice

Andy and myself would like to thank you for sharing with us and giving us your precious advice on the colours that best suit our personality and skin colour. We find the session really useful and I actually will be using one of the colours that you have recommended for my evening dress. Even in our daily wear, we tend to choose those colours that will really flatters us and avoid dull colours. 

The session was really interesting and we had a lot of fun. It’s a pity that it’s a tad short, we hope to spend more time with you next time when we have the opportunity again.

 Thank you!”

Andy & Shirley, Contestant of “A Wedding Affair”

“Thank you so much. I had a great day with you and I am so happy with everything I bought. You really showed me how to shop properly. My colleague commented how great I look now. Thank you again and take care.”

Janice Banker

“It was wonderful spending the day with Eunice. I’m glad she went through my wardrobe. I feel so much better and well put together now. Thanks Eunice.”

May Homemaker

“Thanks Eunice, I’ve learnt so much during the training on telephone skills, body language and conversational skills. it’s nice meeting u and nice learning from u.I will bear ur advice and teachings in mind and apply them to my daily life.. thks u so much…i’ll digest through what u have taught me and hope to learn from u again somewhere in may.”

Serene, Housing Agent

“Eu Ning, Eu Ren and Sherry could not wait to share with my husband and myself on our way home, about what they have learnt. They roled play the self-introduction and telephone techniques, showed us how to smile, told us about table manners like how to handle chopsticks, that it is not gracious to dig food, etc…

They enjoyed so much that they would like to have more lessons.  I will work out my budget to see if I could send my 2 kids, especially Eu Ning to your 3-days workshop. Thanks!”

Shirlin, Mother of Eu Ning and Eu Ren

“Thanks for the course that you have provided for both of my kids. In this short duration of 3 hrs, my kids started the awareness of how to handle their table manners which I was very surprised. They still can tell me what is the right method of doing it. At the same time, they are now more confident to do the public presentation. I am very glad that I have placed them in this course . It is worth the money and time . Thanks.”

Yvonne Goh, Mother of Yok Pin and Yok Hui

“Nadia had a great time at the class with you. She has been telling me she really missed the fun she had at the class.  She was very happy when she received the souveneir (high school musical pen ) from you on the last day of the class. She placed it preciously on the shelf before we left for our short break in malaysia. She was very upset yesterday when she realized that the pen was gone. The maid packed her shelf and misplaced the pen. I offered to replace the pen for her and she kept saying ‘it will never be the same’.

Can she join the class again this coming 29th December? Thanks for your coaching, she has been trying to coach Daddy and myself on our dining etiquette the last few days :)”

Mrs Quek, Mother of Nadia (9 years old)

“I am very glad that I have made the right decision to attend the Train the Trainer program of the Elite Certified Etiquette Professional with Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette. Having gone through days of intensive training with many written exercises and practical role-plays, I am now better equipped with good insights and deeper understanding of Civility and Social Etiquette as well as Children Etiquette in Character, Confidence and Courtesy.

I would like to thank Eunice, who has been sharing many invaluable experiences with me. I’m sure that these sharing will benefit me in my future workshops. I will recommend anyone who is keen to learn more and grow in Etiquette business to be trained with Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette.”

Graduate 2015 – Annie Cheah from Singapore

“When I had to join a course in manners and etiquette i did quite a bit of research and then decided on Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette.  My decision was correct because i here met my trainer Eunice Tan.

Eunice is a master in this field with experience of more than 10 years. Her knowledge is vast and she makes sure that you are well trained to kick start your business immediately after your training. She is flexible and is ready to customise the program as per your needs.

I thank Eunice for all her support not only as my trainer but also as an amazing human being who has helped me not only as a trainer but also as a human being.”

Graduate 2015 - Mrs. Sajal Viraj Pendharkar from Mumbai, India

“I came to Eunice as I find that the courses she offers are of high recognition internationally. Also, Eunice is one of the very few trainers who provide “Train- The- Trainer” Certification, and it covers both adult and children etiquette in one certification.

The materials given to me are very comprehensive. The Train-the-Trainer” meets my expectation as Eunice has shared with me her experience in starting the business.

I am more confident and am excited to kick start my business at once when I am back in Hong Kong.

I  will surely recommend Eunice to others who want enter this profession.”

Yvonne Lam, Hong Kong Graduate of Elite Certified Etiquette Professional 2014

“Many special thanks very much to Ms. Eunice Tan, Founder of Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette, Singapore for the iormation I garnered at the course this whole week. I must say I came along with basic understanding about child etiquette but now I am so updated in an extensive way and comprehensive teaching methods by Ms. Eunice Tan. Informative and most importnantly relevant, plenty of information to take back to India. Now all I have to do is put it into action and kickstart my business. As at the end all I can say by my learning from Ms. Eunice Tan – “Etiquette is the science of living. It embraced everything. It is ethics. It is honor”

Manali Bhadouriam from New Delhi, India Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2014

Dear Eunice, 

Initially, taking up the Train the Trainer program was meant for my business. Under the training process, I realized these are very critical skills and practices to make anyone a better and a more culture person .Best of all, I believe I can influence those surrounding me to a better behavior and personality.

Training was awesome! The founder of Image Flair, Eunice Tan encouragement and motivation inspire me. The curriculum is very comprehensive and is better than I had expected. I believe everyone else will benefit just as much as I did.

Thank you and appreciate to my mentor, Ms Eunice Tan.

Tan Ai Peai from Singapore Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2014

“When I went through Ms. Eunice Tan’s website, it gave me the confidence that it will surely be a worthwhile trip to travel from India.

Ms. Tan very patiently and clearly delivered the entire program and made sure to keep it very interactive. During the training, she made me practice each topic to gain further clarity and confidence.

I would highly recommend Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette to interested participants.

Tina Rayani, Mumbai Graduate of Children’s Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach 2013

Dear Eunice,

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be an IFAME affiliate with a reputable organization like yours. You have demonstrated grace and professionalism in all our correspondence, which is a quality so admirable and inspiring in many ways. The guidance and support that you have ardently provided through the course of my self-study – Train The Trainer curriculum, has instilled the confidence and courage for me to realize my ambition through my consultancy business. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and I look forward to future opportunities in working together.”

Adrian Hua, Founder and Director of Absolute Senses

Dear Eunice,

Thank you for arranging a senior trainer for our workshop. Your trainer was able to hold the attention of our youths (which was normally challenging for other trainers) and even got them to actively involved in the activities. We are confident the youths benefitted from your trainer’s presentation. The entire team is very pleased and would definitely love to work with your organization again.

Derrick Lau, Counsellor REACH Community Services Society

Dear Eunice,

Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop on image and dressing and etiquette. It was really refreshing and informative.

Tawi Mulkan, Associate Director, Private Client Services Jardine Llyod Thompson Pte Ltd

“Eunice was able to convey her ideas clearly to the participants in an interactive manner. There was not a single moment when I felt like dozing off. It was an enriching, insightful and interesting 3 hours. Many participants commented that they learned a lot about colour matching, how to build up your (formal) wardrobe, and what to wear for different ocassions with different dress codes. In fact, participants all crowded around her to ask for further dressing tips after the workshop.

On behalf on the Rotaract Club of NTU, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We look forward to future opportunities to work together!”

Thank you very much for the good job well done!”

Sebastian Quek, Professional Development Director, Rotaract Club of NTU

“Eunice’s workshop wasn’t what I expected. It SURPASSED all my expectations! I was not only educated but entertained as well and enjoyed every minute of it. Eunice advised and shared with us lots of valuable information on grooming etiquette and overall disposition, particularly essential for those in the workforce. It was a session truly enjoyed by both male and female colleagues alike. More of such sessions with Eunice are in the pipeline.”

Yvonne Anjelina, MANAGER, Business & Corporate Development, SHATEC

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation and great insights that you gave us last week. It was a pleasure having you.

You were able to create a fun environment, which was a fertile ground for knowledge to be imparted. You customized the training for the audience which was excellent and left my staff asking for more. The training session was informative as it was interactive.

We hope to be able to bring you back for more such courses in the future and might want to have you back for courses for the students as well. We will let you know the training schedule for the next year and plan ahead.

Once again, it was a pleasure having you and we have gained powerful insight into our own personalities and went away with tips and tricks on how to groom ourselves better. Thank you. Looking forward to working with you again soon!”

Anita Rajendran-See, Manager – Human Resources, SHATEC

“An eye-opening, informative, realistic and enjoyable session to know everything that I need to know about being confidence and professional.”

Sabrina, Executive Human Resources, SHATEC

“Your workshop was enriching,informative and interesting.We learnt a lot like that different colors to show the authority one holds in the office. And the colour that matches each individual. Thank you.”

O.Vanitha, AEC Edu Group

“Being a 2nd year student in Republic Polytechnic, I enjoyed both sessions conducted by Ms Eunice. I’ve gained essential skills which will be a great help when I enter the corporate world in the future. I will definitely encourage graduates or students to attend courses like this before they work as it will equip them with the skills and confidence!”

Parveen, Student of Republic Polytechnic

“I’ve gained more knowledge about basic grooming and etiquette. Moreover, I was able to be corrected by things that I misunderstood previously. This Business Etiquette session was fun as there are various life examples and interaction among the students. I timely enjoyed the lesson and hope for more such workshop. Thank you, Eunice.”

Jasmine Lee, Student of Republic Polytechnic and class of W35G

“Eunice was able to relate to the students and helping them to overcome their initial shyness. The messages brought across to student were clear and precise. All the students had a good time.”

Bee Geok, Administrative Officer, Student Wellness, Republic Polytechnic

“Eunice has a sharp sense of fashion and beauty, is down-to-earth and relates well with her client. Able to share and impart her know-how to me in layman’s language. Thanks for your advice.”

Sharon Ho

“Right from the start, I was able to see that Eunice takes pride in her work. She was able to tailor the make-up consultation according to my needs. Her explanations were systematic and clear, and she was able to clarify my doubts and misconceptions. Most importantly, Eunice has been very encouraging and was able to make me feel comfortable with the different make-up items. For someone who did not wear make-up at all, I have definitely learnt much from her. She was able to help me achieve the natural that I wanted and I like it!”

Selina, Part-Time Tutor

“I have attended the colour and style analysis session (UOB Promotion) and learnt a lot useful tips on how to pick the right clothes with the right style and colour. The tips are useful for all aspects of dressing which includes both formal and casual wear.  It’s a good session. From now onwards, I am going to aim for a 100% wearable wardrobe. Thanks Eunice. Keep in touch!”

Carol Chia

“Hi Eunice, 

Many thanks for coming over yesterday and train Yun Shao on social grace and etiquette. He enjoyed your programme totally! Yesterday, Yun Shao not only practiced what you taught him but was also trying very hard to correct us (me getting very rusty in this, hee hee). I am very glad Yun Shao has the opportunity to learn from an expert who had gone through the stringent selection and training from SIA and carried our national label ‘Singapore Girls’! Forgot to ask you: when can my girl start the course too?”

May Kee

“Luke has enjoyed the classes. It helps with building his confidence. He has started introducing himself and talking to people he has met for the first time. Thank you Eunice.

Mrs Lynn Chua (Luke 4.5 yrs old), Healthcare worker

“Tiffani enjoyed the classes & hope to be able to participate more in similar classes in the near future. Thanks Eunice.”

Chia Poh Leng, Stay-home mom

“Bryan enjoyed the classes and felt that he benefited from him. As parents, sometimes we dont look out for subtle cues. As such, we never really noticed that he has a tendency to point his fingers at others when he talks. What he didn’t realise is that by pointing fingers at others, his body language comes across as very hostile to others. During the lessons, Eunice quickly caught on to his habit of point his fingers and explained to him why he came across as agressive and hostile. She then explained how he could deliver his message across by using other forms of hand gestures. It has never dawned on him that he has been sending the wrong message to his friends all these years until that moment!”

Mrs Chiang Stay -home mom Child’s name is Bryan Chiang, 8.

“I would like to extend my heart felt thank you to the founder of image flair – Ms Eunice Tan

The Train@ The trainer course was comprehensive, remarkable & of high standards. The experience I have received was amazing & encouraging. Understanding the importance of civility and respect for etiquette has driven me to be a professional trainer. For those whom are keen to live your dreams closer of being one, I highly recommend image flair of modern etiquette. So blessed to have found my idol – Ms Eunice Tan ( my Master Trainer of business & children etiquette)”

Graduate 2016 - Chriscillia Lee from Singapore

“I am delighted that I have completed the Elite Certified Etiquette Train the Trainer Programme with Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette. The course was comprehensive , interesting and of high standards that has equipped me with the knowledge of civilisation and Modern Etiquette  that I would be able to apply it in my workshops.

I would like to thank Ms Eunice Tan the founder of Image Flair for her patience, imparting her knowledgable skills through her experiences which have benefited me greatly.  I am indeed bless that I took up this course with Image flair and I would recommend this course to those who had intention to be a Certify Etiquette Trainer.

Graduate 2016 - Sandy Chan from Singapore

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