Image Flair – Enhancing lives through image & etiquette

Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette is an acclaimed and internationally-endorsed etiquette and image consulting &  training agency. We are proud Partner with Civility Experts  Worldwide and are the official, and exclusive, Children’s  Character, Confidence and Courtesy Coach and Civility at Work  Certificate Train-the-Trainer for the International Civility  Trainers’ Consortium in Singapore. ICTC, which was initiated in April 2000, has members from more than 30 countries around the world.  ICTC offers the only internationally validated certification  program for civility trainers in the world.

We believe that your image is worth a thousand words, and strive to impart only the most useful skills to enhance your professional and social lives.

We are proud to use Civility Experts Worldwide copyright training tools and materials.

Enriching lives every step of the way

Image Flair offers training sessions and workshops to individuals from all walks of life. Our professional trainers are industry veterans, experienced in providing etiquette training for children, image and style analysis for adults, as well as business etiquette and speech empowerment for corporations seeking to build confidence and self-esteem in their employees.

School workshops are also available at Image Flair; training includes a mixture of Grooming, Social Skills, Confidence Building, Dining Etiquette, Voice and Verbal Expression, Effective Thinking and Study Skills, Oral Presentation, Poise and Posture among many skills.

Striking a chord on first impressions

In today’s society, first impressions are all that matter, whether it is a new job, your first date, or even just meeting friends at a bar. First impressions are not just about what you wear or how you part your hair. First impressions are also about the way you act, your mannerisms, and how you speak or introduce yourself. Image and etiquette play a vital role in your personal and professional life.

Providing quality so you can embrace life

At Image Flair, we only provide training sessions and workshops that will make a difference in the way you act, behave, and communicate. Our training methodology accompanied by interactive courses create successful, confident people that know exactly how to get what they want out of life.

The Image Flair group of consultants is made up of trainers that are highly experienced in delivering a broad range of courses that include Professional Business Etiquette and Grooming, Skin Care and Makeup Consultation, Professional Image-Colour and Style, Effective Communication Skills, Leadership and Team Building, Effective Speaking and Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Customer Service Workshops, Sales and Motivation.

  • Eunice’s passion for making people feel good about themselves and help them look their best in both professional and social situations, has only added to her formidable reputation. It is no wonder that she was invited by Mediacorp Studio as a Color Analysis Consultant and Deportment Trainer for participants of the reality show ”A Wedding Affair”

  • Well known for her popular etiquette workshops, Eunice was invited by OKTO LIVE! to share her expertise on dining etiquette in Ok-To-Learn segment on 22 June 2010.