Look and feel incredible with our life changing courses.

At Image Flair, we don’t just supply training, we help you discover your unstoppable confidence. We turn your dreams into reality, overcoming any challenge life throws your way. We offer exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions to refine your grooming regimen, business civility and social etiquette. We improve how you directly interact with your peers and ensure that you always emanate a clean, smart and professional appearance; one that perfectly represents your value as an employee and as a person. We consult you on building a better wardrobe to make sure that you’re always making the best first impression, while our coaching in all matters of communication will ensure you remain seen in a positive light even long after you’re gone.  We increase your confidence and your sense of self-assurance and equip you with the tools to not only be sure in your abilities, but to use them to stand up and stand out.

The Secrets of Success Workshop
1.5 hours

Empower yourself with this success-boosting confidence workshop.

Discover how to skyrocket your confidence, create an unforgettable first impression, learn the job-winning secrets of interviews and unlock the power of an elegant poise.

If you’re ambitious and ready to become successful, this life changing workshop is perfect.

Unstoppable Confidence Workshop
1.5 hours

Shatter your limiting beliefs and watch your self-esteem soar in this explosive workshop.

This course will have a HUGE positive impact in every aspect of your life. You’ll learn the lifelong techniques for creating unstoppable confidence and self-esteem.

Empower Me Workshop
1.5 hours

How you feel today changes your future tomorrow.

In this session, you’ll unlock the power of determination and perseverance. It’s inspiring, motivational and life changing.

This workshop will breathe life back into your dreams, giving you the drive and motivation to overcome any challenge.

Business Etiquette Workshop
1.5 hours

Did you know body language is the most powerful form of communication?

Uncover the hidden secrets of nonverbal communication and beam confidence and in this thought provoking workshop.

You’ll learn the self-esteem boosting power of business etiquette, body language, posture and dining etiquette.

The Aspiring Flight Attendant Workshop
2 hours x 2 sessions

Is it your dream to be a flight attendant and travel the world?

Have you made several attempts yet not getting any closer to realizing your dream? How much closer are you to achieving your dream?

Fret no more. Image Flair is here to help! Image Flair is able to bring you closer to achieving your dream to be a Flight Attendant or an Air Stewardess!

Image Flair’s Aspiring Flight Attendant Workshop is of utmost importance as it will significantly increase your chances of securing employment with world-renown airlines.

You will be personally coached and trained by Eunice, the Founder and Master Trainer of Image Flair. An ex-stewardess herself, Eunice has personal experience in the airline for almost 10 years and will able to point you in the right direction, orientate and equip you with the necessary know-how and skills in making you shine during the interview and selection process.

This customised workshop is packed with all the useful information and helping tips to bring you closer to making your dream come true.

Communication Essentials
2 hours

Have you ever wondered why some people connect easily with others; how sometimes we are impressed by someone or someone is impressed by you? Is it the words you said, or the actions you made, or is it just the ‘chemistry’ as others might say.

In this session, you will explore your strengths and weaknesses in communicating with and influencing others. You will learn not only how to identify your own communication styles and those of others but also specifically how to use that information to create positive impact.

Business Etiquette and Grooming Workshop
1.5 hours

In today’s competitive global business environment, etiquette, civility and grooming are of paramount importance in all interactions. Demonstrating good manners, etiquette and is critical to winning that job, getting a promotion, or scoring that deal! This takes skill, practice, good attitude and commitment. Possessing vital knowledge of how to dress, act, carry yourself, and present your talents well is key to success!

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